Marriott Hotel 

8440 Freeport Parkway

Irving, Texas 75063 USA

Saturday, August 31st 2019

for details, tickets and information Contact

• Gladys  Mwango (214) 229 3310
Lynette Okemwa (405) 209 5408 •   Pam Mogaka(313) 378 9567

•   Alan Anami (240) 513 9239

Africans in the Diaspora

Contrary to the popular African belief that money grows on trees in America, a number of Africans in the diaspora have worked extremely hard and have been very successful in various areas including Academia, Entertainment, Entrepreneurship, Community Organization, non-profit Organizations, Fashion and Design, Music and more
DEAR seeks to recognize such individuals for their selfless sacrifices and continued success in the community.
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Farmington Hills, MI 48331